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BMS have designed and developed UK specific Payroll and HR software modules that fully and seamlessly integrate with EnterpriseOne. Designed to offer a more flexible solution for UK companies, the solution is equally suited to SMB’s multinational organisations. UK Payroll integrates easily with the rest of your EnterpriseOne modules: Human Resources, Foundation, Finance and Billing.


Changes to employee HR information are reflected throughout the JD Edwards system, ensuring accurate payroll records driven from HR and costed to your general ledger. You can also create payment groups for Accounts Payable to pay HMRC, pension companies and any other body requiring payment as a result of payroll processing. The software is equally as effective without the need to purchase the JD Edwards Human Resources module and can therefore reduce licensing costs.


Payroll processing can be a time-consuming and complex job. Besides being hindered by increasingly complex statutory requirements, Payroll and HR team members must also be able to administer and track the numerous variables that can affect payroll and reporting. As such, our UK Payroll module has been designed to be flexible, allowing you to run payroll for as many employees, payrolls and companies as you require. There’s no limit to the number of employees that can be attached to each payroll, and payroll runs can be made as often as you need them. UK Payroll also helps you track important information about your employees, such as absence; overtime and complex shift patterns.


Providing the Tools for Regulatory Compliance


Our UK Payroll solution includes a flexible payroll engine that gives you the ability to handle pay and deduction elements to suit the specific requirements of your business.. The EnterpriseOne solution caters for the wide-ranging needs of companies with complex and varied pension contribution rules. It automatically calculates retrospective pay, advance and back pay, holiday pay, occupational and statutory sickness payments and maternity, paternity and adoption pay.


Issuing Timely and Accurate Payments to Employees.


UK Payroll is designed to help you make precise payments on time to your employees. You can easily define pay dates and calculate numerous voluntary and statutory deductions.



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Payroll Solutions


Statutory Reports


  • Ability to print statutory forms for previous tax periods and tax years, including P11, P32, P35, P45, P60/P14.
  • Option to start new tax year before finalising previous tax year returns.
  • Facility to file end-of-year PAYE returns and In Year Movements (such as P45s and P46s) to the HMRC via the internet.

Time Entry


  • Speed entry for ranges of employees by business unit or work order.
  • Facility to enter expense payments; Ability to flag absences.
  • Option to make back payments into a previous tax period.

Payroll Costing


  • Ability to split the cost of an employee over more than one cost centre.
  • Labour cost analysis reports.
  • Facility to reproduce costing information for any period.
  • Flexible mapping to the General Ledger and ability to post in summary or in detail.

Payments and Deductions


  • Unlimited pay and deduction elements.
  • Option to have an element that is the percentage of another element or group of elements.
  • Ability to prorate a payment or deduction part-way through a pay period.

Absence Recording


  • Absence analysis and tracking to allow for the monitoring of absence patterns.
  • Handles occupational and statutory schemes.

Appointment and Pay History


  • Ability to track and build a complete history of an employee’s career events and pay history.
  • Facility to prorate salary payments and deductions.
  • Current and historical on-line payslip.

Payroll Details and Payment of Employees


  • Automatic calculation of retrospective pay.
  • Ability to reverse the last period’s payslip.
  • Correct handling of after leaver payments.
  • Net to gross calculator facility.
  • Facility to pay employees to multiple bank accounts.

Pension Contributions


  • Caters for all pension types including Money Purchase, Salary Related, Stakeholder and Private Pensions.
  • Ability to define which payments and deductions should be included as earnings for pension deductions.
  • Option to match employer to employee contributions up to a user-defined threshold.
  • Handles schemes contracted out of SERPS, AVC’s and free-standing AVC’s, either percentage or fixed amounts of contributions, with differing contributions for both employer and employee as required.



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