Approval Express is a generic approval engine that’s integrated with various JD Edwards processes to provide approval functionality via any remote device with an email client.


Approval Express is an add-on utility that has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. Approval Express works with all standard email protocols to facilitate remote approvals seamlessly i.e. without the need to sign in to JD Edwards. Every time a transaction is created within JD Edwards, an email is generated from within the system and directed to the appropriate approver or group of approvers. The email content will include a detailed description of the transaction (down to line item level and also in the form of an amalgamated group of line level requisitions, where appropriate) Detail will include; (e.g. for a purchase order) supplier, item(s), order location, currency and price. The approver can either accept or reject (in the case of a purchase order this can be at an individual line item level). The approval/rejection then returns in the form of an email reply which is then translated into a structured command that’s returned and recorded automatically within JD Edwards. Click here for more information.



BMS Document Management System – Intelligent Document Storage and Retrieval for PDF Documents


EnterpriseOne produces a multitude of PDF output documents such as Purchase and Sales Orders, Invoices, Manufacturing documentation and so on. Currently these are only available to the end users from within EnterpriseOne, are held in one place, and difficult to retrieve for quick and easy perusal.


The BMS Document Management System is a new application which provides companies with the ability to retrieve and display any PDF document produced from EnterpriseOne quickly and easily. For example, a user may want to locate and view a specific Purchase Order print document. Currently the user will have to search using the job number, date and time, and the user who originally printed the Purchase Order, and then interrogate each PDF listed, assuming the document has not been deleted or archived. With BMS Document Management System all the user needs is the Purchase Order Number. On entering the Purchase Order number, the system will automatically search the user-defined repository directory, and using the index, it will retrieve the correct Purchase Order PDF for viewing. Click here for more information.





Integrated Payroll Management: Total Human Capital Management Solutions


BMS have designed and developed UK specific Payroll and HR software modules that fully and seamlessly integrate with EnterpriseOne. Designed to offer a more flexible solution for UK companies, the solution is equally suited to SMB’s multinational organisations. UK Payroll integrates easily with the rest of your EnterpriseOne modules: Human Resources, Foundation, Finance and Billing.


Changes to employee HR information are reflected throughout the JD Edwards system, ensuring accurate payroll records driven from HR and costed to your general ledger. You can also create payment groups for Accounts Payable to pay HMRC, pension companies and any other body requiring payment as a result of payroll processing. The software is equally as effective without the need to purchase the JD Edwards Human Resources module and can therefore reduce licensing costs.


Payroll processing can be a time-consuming and complex job. Besides being hindered by increasingly complex statutory requirements, Payroll and HR team members must also be able to administer and track the numerous variables that can affect payroll and reporting. As such, our UK Payroll module has been designed to be flexible, allowing you to run payroll for as many employees, payrolls and companies as you require. There’s no limit to the number of employees that can be attached to each payroll, and payroll runs can be made as often as you need them. UK Payroll also helps you track important information about your employees, such as absence; overtime and complex shift patterns. Click here for more information.



Improve control and visibility across AP processes


The BMS AP automation solution for JD Edwards automates much of the Accounts Payable process providing complete document and data capture processes using Lexmark’s ReadSoft Online software, linking the captured invoice data directly to JD Edwards for automated matching of PO-based invoices, or workflow exception processing where a match cannot be found.

The solution has been designed to provide seamless integration and visibility for users with a customer’s existing JD Edwards environment. This flexibility supports existing infrastructure investments and helps to maintain a lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need for incremental ERP licenses. Click here for more information.


Reduce user downtime and increase helpdesk efficiency with Forgotten Password Functionality
for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Beoley Mill Software Ltd


From personal banking and online purchasing to social media accounts, passwords are needed for a plethora of online activities. Almost all of these services have a self-service password-reset functionality so that if a password is forgotten, it can be retrieved almost instantly.

This option is also now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, but many companies are reluctant to implement the service, even though help desk and systems administrators spend a great deal of time resetting account passwords.Forrester Research estimates that the average cost of a single password reset done by help desk is about $70, while Gartner estimates that 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. IT can be relieved from these calls, therefore being more productive in other areas, and also reducing costs. Click here for more information.



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